Solar Power Station

Using sunlight to generate electricity in the hottest towns in Australia makes sense. Combining nature’s energy with leading edge technology means that renewable energy is accessible to even the most remote towns and communities.

In 2010, Horizon Power completed construction on a power stations in the inland Pilbara towns of Marble Bar and Nullagine which combine solar technology with back up diesel generation. Reliability of power supplies in the towns have improved and are well within the reliability standards set by the independent regulator.

The power station at Marble Bar incorporates technology which converts energy provided by the sun. The technology being applied provides the highest solar penetration possible, with 65 per cent of the day time load to be met from solar energy.

They incorporate a single axis tracking solar farm with diesel technology and an energy storage system. This combination of technology can provide high levels of solar energy penetration and a reliable supply of power to the town.

The new power stations:

  • Generate 1048 MWh of solar energy per year
  • Provide 65 per cent of day time energy demand from solar power
  • Save 1100 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year

Save between 35-40 per cent diesel consumption per year (405,000 litres of fuel per year)