Dooleena Gorge

Doolena Gorge is about 41 kilometres north of Marble Bar on the Marble Bar-Port Hedland Road. The access road is on your left just after you cross the Coongan River. Plan your trip to reach this beautiful spot around 5pm in time to watch the sun set and light up the cliff face. Set out your deck chair, pour a glass of wine accompanied by some cheese and biscuits, and sit back to watch the display. If you are feeling a little more energetic follow the track next to the creek for 50 metres. Climb up the gully to the waterfall and watch the colours created by the sunset from here. You are sure to get some wonderful photos to take home. It is a free camping spot, and you will get to share the waterway with the pelicans. Try a spot of fishing in the Coongan Pools and you might catch a Spangled Perch.